Monday, May 20, 2013

Ultimate Truth from Facebook#1

You have persevered practicing Dharma. You have searched for the right paths. You have tried to see the mind and control it. You have tried to let go. You have done it all but there is one thing that you have not done yet ‐ “Stop” doing; stop struggling and searching for anything is the one thing that you have not done. As long as you do not stop doing all these, you still have desire. If you have desire, you cannot be free from suffering because desire is the cause of suffering.
Enlightenment is not easy.
Enlightenment is not difficult.
Ever beyond all concepts and comparisons,
Enlightenment just is.


The idea that we are not the solid selves that we think we are, or that our existence in this universe is an immensely long string of living and dying, continuously changing form, probably sounds pretty farfetched, impossible, or silly. I have been spending quite a bit of energy in resisting believing it since I've been here. However, the question remains, what if this is true? Certainly, impermanence is true. Certainly it is not in my control to determine what happens to this "me". I can try very hard and work very hard and I can protect myself or plan my way into or out of some things, but feelings will continue to come without my asking, thoughts will continue to happen without my control, my body will age and change, and I will die. I cannot stop these things. If I have no control over them, can I say that they are "me"? Perhaps more importantly, regardless of if they are “me” or not, if I have no control over them, is it productive or useful to be worried or create further drama about them?

(Thoughts from Todd after spending sometimes at Rombodhidharma)


The mind will unwind itself. It only needs the time and space to do it”. Along the same lines as above. Like a wind-up toy, as long as we keep winding, the mind will be tight, full, and busy. Stop the winding, and it will loosen on its own.

“Don’t give meaning to what you hear, see, smell, touch, taste, think. Don’t judge it or hate it, love it or fear it or be attracted to it. Just let it be. This is also changing. This is also impermanent”. This doesn’t mean you can’t feel, that you should avoid experience, control it, push it away, disengage from life. Everything is constantly changing. You can’t hold on, even if you try. So, relax and don’t try so hard.

(By Todd Blattner)

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